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EziWebsite 3 Ways to Integrate Offline and Online Marketing Strategy

People act differently online and offline when it comes to consuming and engaging with brands. Both are crucial for nurturing customers and guiding them through the conversion process. Integrating your online and offline marketing efforts can help you offer a more consistent brand message and is more effective at getting customers to take action than addressing them separately.

EziWebsite Tips for Integrating Your Online and Offline Marketing Efforts 

  1. Ask customers to follow your social media pages or sign up for newsletter

Ask your offline customer to follow you on social media, visit your website and subscribe to your email newsletters. Since they’ll be able to participate more in the upcoming events or promotions online. Also include a campaign hashtag on your material while running a social media campaign to entice your offline audience to join the online discussion, which you’ll be able to moderate and track participation.

  1. Move offline promotions with an online call-to-action

Promote offline marketing products using your online platforms. Before officially launching your new products and services, you may promote them first on social media to increase their reach. You may present a sneak peek of the advertisement on your website and social media channels. Your goal should be to get people excited about what you’re producing and get them to see the calls to action both online and offline.

  1. Create giveaway and promotion on both online and offline

Encourage your offline audiences to participate in your giveaway and promotion through your online platforms and vice versa. This way you’ll be able to gather all your audience both online and offline.

Integrating your online and offline marketing efforts raises brand awareness and visibility, two factors that will help your company stand out from the competition. If you need effective online marketing tools for your website, EziWebsite is a website builder where you can create a beautiful website for your online business!

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