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How a Website Designer’s Good Intentions Go Bad

A powerful website design should serve its intended purpose by presenting its unique message while engaging the visitor at the same time. Many other factors contribute to a better website design, such as consistency, colors, typography, graphics, simplicity, and functionality.

A well-designed website will help build confidence for the visitors to take action. Building a unique user experience requires ensuring that the design of the website is optimized for its form, aesthetics, and functionality. However, how will you know if the website designer’s good intentions have gone wrong? So, EziWebsite listed down a few of the red flags you should watch out for when designing your website to avoid any troubles.

Common Mistakes When Building Website Design

  • The design does not match with the message

Your website needs to meet the user’s needs. With a simple, straightforward purpose on all pages, the user will be able to connect with what you have to offer on your online business. Instead of adding and styling your website with unnecessary designs that do not match your brand and the message you are trying to convey to your visitors. 

Simplicity is the smartest method to go when considering the user experience and the accessibility of your website.

  • Exact duplication from the major or bigger brand website

Copying and duplicating design and content from other websites, particularly from big brands is not the wisest choice. As these practices will lead you to big troubles. Duplicating content can get you and your website penalized and you may suffer rankings and traffic losses. 

Having a unique and original website design and content can give your brand more visibility online and credibility. More people will patronize your brand that will eventually increase your revenue. 

  • Too many photos or long caption and description

A common mistake many of us make is providing too much information to people. Generally, we want to provide all the information and put as many photos as we want so visitors can make a more informed choice. However, in reality, this hardly ever works. As many people don’t really read long captions and descriptions. They only look for important information.

As a business trainer and success coach John Childers stated, “A confused mind never buys.” So, don’t offer too many options to your users once they land on your website. As less is really more. 

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