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In the previous blog, we tackled some questions to ask yourself that focusing on your first impression about your website. In this continuation, we will be talking more questions on how your website should be doing or what it represents, and the important features you should add.

Questions To Ask Yourself To Improve Your Website

  • Is your website bug-free?

Regardless of whether you created a website for your company, for clients, or for personal use, it is essential that the website is free of bugs. Bugs can make your website entirely unusable and damage your business credibility. It is crucial that you fix any bugs before you formally launch your website. Here are some tests you can do to keep your website bug-free:

  • Mobile Ready Test
  • Cross Browsing Testing
  • Accessibility Test
  • HTML and CSS Checking
  • Security Testing
  • Does your website have a clear “call-to-action / CTA” button?

Whether your goal is to get a contact form filled out by those who visit your site, sign up for a newsletter or read a blog post, it is important to have a call-to-action so that the user has a clear path for achieving the goal.

Having a clear and important call-to-actions reduces uncertainty, increases online sales, and enables the website visitor to take the next steps that are necessary. That may be visiting a certain page or booking a call, or reading a particular post.

  • Does your website connect to your customer?

Your website is all about your business. However, in fact, the content and tone of your site must concentrate on potential and current customers. Include a short introduction to your audience on who you are and what your business is all about, but spend much of the content on how you can address the issues your audience has.

As most visitors come to your site to learn more about how you can assist them, consider more ways to keep the discussion moving beyond the page. Add social media buttons and invite visitors to join you to express more personality on your social media sites while maintaining the attention on meeting the needs of your audience.

  • Can your website help or hinder your business goal?

If your website doesn’t meet or align with your company goals anymore, it should ring a bell. It is time to reconsider your website and its content. Your website should serve and represent your business as well meeting your objectives and shouldn’t hinder you from achieving them. 

Getting through these questions will help you point out the opportunities to improve your website. EziWebsite is a one-stop website builder that will help you to build your website while meeting your business goals. EziWebsite has more than hundreds of website design templates you can choose from depending on your website ideas. Contact EziWebsite today and get a stunning website for your online business from the web design studio at a fair price!

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