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Why Does Your Website Need a Reality Check

A Website Reality Check is much more than proofreading and less than a comprehensive audit. It shows you how your site is working from a human’s viewpoint. It identifies typos and broken links, which can have an impact on pricing, make you look inexperienced and bad traffic that leads to lost business opportunities.

3 Things That Needs a Reality Check on Your Website

  1. Are your links correct and working?

Do all your links work? Are your links correct? If certain URLs aren’t redirected properly, they’ll end up on a 404 page. Since search engines detect when visitors spend less time on your website, they will assume that you are not giving a great user experience to your visitors. It’s important to make the necessary changes to correct that as it’s beneficial to both SEO and user experience. 

  1. Do you have relevant call-to-action (CTA)?

The majority of visitors to your site will leave without converting, which is entirely acceptable. If your conversion rate is lower than it should be, you must make the appropriate improvements especially your call-to-action elements since it makes a huge difference. Including relevant and clear calls-to-action on each page isn’t simply a sales tactic as it will be playing an important role in assisting users with navigation.

  1. Do you have bad website content?

Since content is king and will be at the heart of your marketing efforts, it’s important to assess whether your content is serving its purpose or not. You’re losing credibility if your writing is difficult to read, confusing, challenging, complex, or complicated. Persuasion is something you’re missing out on. You’re discouraging visitors and directing them away from your website, therefore it is best to check and fix them up.

EziWebsite is a website builder that has easy and effective online tools where you can do much more than creating a website for your online business. Building your website with EziWebsite will allow you to do reality checking easily. Sign up with EziWesbite today and you’re on your way to a better website!

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